If you are a gamer who is sick of congested servers then I would highly recommend that you start doing some research into setting up your own private server for you and your friends to play on. There are many benefits to using a private server in order to improve the overall gameplay experience that you have with your friends, and this article will be discussing some of the best options available to you and how you can implement this technology into your own gameplay.

There are things that you need to consider before going ahead with setting up a private server as there are certain legal limitations that could also come into play. With games that have subscriptions and large stores for players to spend their virtual currency, they may not be on board with you accessing their services privately as they would see a decrease in profit. This is why it is important to check for any restrictions before you set up the server, as going against the rules that have been put in place could lead you to be banned from a game that you love.

If you are interested in improving your overall experience while you are gaming or you are noticing that the servers you are using are not providing a smooth and crisp gameplay experience. It can make a huge difference for you if you were to set up your own private server as it does not only add a sense of privacy but will provide a much more stable connection quality, meaning that issues like lag and server connectivity are significantly reduced as you are not having to join other gamers in trying to join a busy server.


One of the first reasons why people may be choosing to use private servers rather than going for the standard option would have to be for privacy reasons. If you have your own server you will be able to limit the accessibility to people that you know, rather than exposing yourself to a lot of different players from all over the world. It is important that you are safe when online and visiting public servers to play your games can often leave you exposed and vulnerable to cyber targeting that could lead to a more serious issue.

Negative Players

Private servers offer the opportunity to avoid the negative attitudes of toxic players that often flood the public servers. By setting up your own private means of playing games you can alter the settings to only allow people that you know into the game. This means that you are free to enjoy what you are doing with your loved ones rather than entering negative confrontations with other gamers. It is unfortunate that there are people out there who will try and bring down other people’s experiences while they are playing the games that are supposed to be fun for all involved.

Connection Quality

One of the most commonly faced issues when it comes to playing online games is connection quality and stability. Sometimes it is your own internet connection that is the issue and for others, the fault lies with just how busy the servers are with hundreds of other gamers trying to access the same game titles. By setting up your own private server you will notice that in games like Runescape and WOW, a private server offers a better gameplay experience as you are not fighting for control over the whole server and your own connection provider is not being stretched out to deal with the extra demand.

Making Unique Servers

Another reason why more people are likely to create their own servers would have to be the fact that there are so many creative options for you to create your own gaming experience. With games like Minecraft especially where creativity is at the forefront of the concept of the game, creating your own server gives you the opportunity to have fun and share your ideas with other like-minded gamers. If you are getting bored of playing on any pre-existing servers for your game then I would highly recommend that you look at creating your own servers to add a fresh approach to the way you play your favorite titles.


Expansion packs and extra content for your games can become very expensive, by setting up your own private server you may be able to subsidize the cost for your friends by including some of the content that is provided. You could split the cost between your friends and have group access to a range of different expansions that you otherwise may have missed out on. With all of the other benefits that have been discussed on this list, it would make sense to at least explore your options.

Social Aspect

Gaming has a huge social element, you can make new friends virtually who will be on hand to play the games that you love with you and have an enjoyable time. By setting up a private server you will have more time and opportunity to get to know new people, as there are not loads of other players who are breaking up the conversation. This is a great way to have fun with the games, as well as limiting connectivity issues that could seriously hinder how well you are able to enjoy your gaming experience and socially connect with new people.

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