The biggest advantage of our modern technology is the ability to create very realistic and advanced simulations. And nowhere is this ability put to greater use than the world of video gaming. Just look at these top 5 multiplayer games of 2020 for an example of how far we’ve come.

We can create living beings and put them into a home, watching as their life unfolds before us. We can create complex puzzles and watch as an AI tries to solve them. But one of the best simulations, in my opinion, is Sports simulations. Or simply Sports Video games.

Sports have been an integral part of our species since the earliest records. But there has always been an issue of accessibility. Video games have managed to lessen that gap by allowing anyone who owns a console or a PC to step into the shoes of a world-class athlete and take to the pitch of their favorite sport.

Sports Games are a staple of any serious gamers library. They are also considered some of the besten sport geschenke für jungs and girls. So, in light of that, we are going to look at the greatest sports games being released in 2021. So you can be in the know and prepared for more exciting matches!


Skate 4

One of the most anticipated games. Period. The original Skate games were a resounding success in the gaming community. People who would normally turn their nose up at sports games found themselves falling in love with this series. So it is no surprise that when Skate 4 was announced, millions of gamers flocked to the internet to land a pre-order and express their joy.

The Skate series has always featured some of the most popular skaters from around the world as playable characters. And Skate 4 isn’t breaking the trend either. So if you are an avid Skating fan, this is definitely the title for you.


Football Manager 2021

Football Manager has been a staple of the sports gaming genre ever since its first iteration. Sports fans love being able to play football from the comfort of their couch. But what they seem to love even more is managing their own team. Football manager gives every football fan the chance to take their favorite team and bring them to ultimate victory.

In recent years, the football manager games have gotten far more advance, going so far as to include the ability to play out the matches as if it was Fifa. This is what makes Football Manager 2021 one of the most anticipated sports games.


Riders Republic

People love extreme sports. But they don’t want all the risk that comes with it. That is why video games are so fantastic. You can experience the thrill and danger of extreme situations without the risk of seriously hurting yourself.

Riders Republic takes all the most popular extreme sports that require riding something and let you go wild. Dirt Biking. Snowboarding. Wingsuits. Hang gliders. You have the freedom to do what you want and how you want. And knowing Ubisoft, the company developing it, there will be a lot of content crammed in the game. While this is a new title, gamers everywhere are more than exciting to get their hands on it.


Blood Bowl 3

Blood Bowl is not your traditional sports game. Yet it is also one of the most intense and brilliant sports games available. Based on the popular tabletop game, published by Games Workshop, it is set in a fantasy world filled with brutal orcs, mystical elves, and little halflings. And what do all these fantasy races want to do? Play American football of course!

But in the world of Blood Bowl, the game is a little more lethal than normal American Football. With the ability for your players to die in combat or seriously injure themselves, you will find yourself biting your nails as you make the risky plays. If you are a sports fan who wants to try something new, Blood Bowl is the perfect combination of fantasy and sports that is sure to captivate you.


If we were to list every sports game coming out in 2021 this list would never end. But the ones we have listed are, in my opinion, the strongest releases scheduled for 2021.

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