Among Us

Among Us is a video game that has become available on a mobile platform very recently, the aim of the game is to find out which members of your group are imposters before they have had a chance to covertly kill you and the rest of your innocent crewmates. With customizable rules for every game room, your group will be told which members are imposters and which are imposters, it is the crewmate’s task to work out who is the killer based upon who is acting suspiciously or who was close to any murders that have occurred. The crew must also complete tasks to win the game whilst avoiding being killed by the imposter, after a body is discovered you must discuss your suspicions with the group and accuse the killer so that they are ejected from the ship.


Rise of Kingdoms

Rise of Kingdoms is a surprisingly immersive medieval-inspired game where players are tasked with discovering temples, ruins, and palaces to uncover new treasures. This game is a pretty new addition to the mobile gaming world yet I’m sure the thousands of rise of kingdoms players all over the world would agree the game is worth a download. The premise of the game is very simple, your kingdom is in need of development, and the only way to afford this is to generate troops and set out on missions to find treasure and currency to make the necessary upgrades. As your kingdom and troops are upgraded you should see an increase in the rewards that are found on your quests, as the game develops your kingdom will grow to become an unstoppable force against other players. This game is a great time killer and if you were to give it a try you will find yourself immersed in this medieval world.


Mario Kart

There had been rumors about this classic Nintendo racing game becoming available on mobile devices for quite some time, now that Mario Kart has come out it is obvious why so many people were excited for this game to be free to play on a mobile platform. With easy to use controls and the implementation of local multiplayer you can now play classic Mario kart with your friends wherever you go. As you gain points you can unlock new karts, players, and parachutes to create a customized setup and race around the wide selection of courses that Mario Kart has to offer.


Words With Friends

Words with Friends has become a huge hit in recent years, combining learning with fun is always a great way to promote productivity and this game is no exception. You are given a number of tiles with letters on them and the aim of the game is to create words with the highest point value whilst ensuring it fits on the board.

The game can be resumed at any time making it an excellent time killer and game for on the go. Simply challenge your friends to a match and the game will continue until one player has gotten the most points and has run out of tiles.


Crazy Taxi

The final game to make it onto this list is a great example of a game that is made to help the time pass and allow the player to get some enjoyment out of those times in life that can be relatively dull. Crazy taxi allows the player to play as a taxi driver working the streets to make the most money in the time frame chosen. Once you spawn into the city you will have to take customers from the street to their desired location as quickly as possible, race against the clock to take home the biggest wage.

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