Profile Boosting is a controversial subject in the gaming world, is it right that a new user should have access to some of the higher-ranked unlockable in any game, without going through the process of unlocking themselves. The short answer is yes, and the longer answer will be explained now.


Does it Create a Fair Playing Field?

It seems the only people that are against profile boosting are those who got onto a game early and managed to get the best items before anyone else had a chance. This means that players who are late to a game will have a far tougher time getting to the same point. Profile boosting completely levels out the playing field and allows for new players to have a similar level of enjoyment.


Is it Safe?

This is another major criticism from other players, the shear safety of the process. Well, this is a yes and no situation, because it completely depends on who you go to for the profile boost. The more established companies, like Rat IRL are obviously completely safe, though their services may come at a higher price. This does come with a safety promise and an understanding that your profile will be handled with care, unlike others who may promise to do it on the cheap, but it is highly likely that they will be scammers who are simply looking to steal your information.


Is it Bannable?

This depends on a game by game basis, but games CS-GO and LOL are fine with the process, there are no hacking or mods involved, it is simply another player using your profile. Even in the gaming companies, they see profile boosting as a necessity in keeping their games both fair and active. So please do not worry.

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