Gaming is one of the things that has changed the most over the last few decades. The first-ever video game was based on the mathematics game called ‘Nim’ and over 50,000 people had a chance to play it. Gaming back then would be unrecognizable as video gaming has developed so much. A couple of decades ago there was a technology boom that allowed for the games we know today to be created. Gaming has become the most popular form of entertainment and is one of the most profitable industries in the world, which is not surprising as over 2 billion people worldwide class themselves as gamers. There are hundreds of games to play across many different consoles and more games are being released every month. There are many different genres of gaming, one of the most popular is first-person shooter games such as Fortnite, role-playing games like Skyrim, and football games like Fifa. If you’re a gamer and you’re looking to upgrade your laptop or PC then it can be a difficult choice as they both have their strengths and weaknesses. We prefer a gaming laptop to a PC and I was able to get a discount with the CDKeys Rabatt-Code which was great as both gaming laptops and PCs can be expensive. Whilst we prefer laptops, we’ve found the most notable pros and cons of both to help you make your decision. 

Gaming Laptop – Pros

The biggest pro of purchasing a gamin gaming laptop over a PC is of course the portability of it. Gaming laptops tend to weigh around 2kg and are approximately 2 cm in width, this makes your laptop really portable as you can easily fit it in a bag and carry it with you wherever you need. This is fantastic if you don’t have space at home for a whole gaming setup, if you travel regularly or if you want to play competitively at gaming events. In the past one massive problem that people has with gaming laptops was the lack of opportunity to customize a laptop to meet your gaming needs. Although it isn’t as much you can do to a laptop to customize it, compared to a PC, some things you can now choose include picking the processor that’s best for you, choosing alternative memory options if you require them, and storage upgrades if you need a lot of space. Some people were also concerned that a gaming laptop wouldn’t be powerful enough to run big games but the high-end gaming laptops can run at 1080p and 1440p. 

Gaming Laptops – Cons

Whilst gaming laptops are portable and have improved in quality over recent years, there are still many cons associated with buying a gaming laptop. As they’re so small it means that a lot of stuff is being crammed into 1 small place so there are several compromises in performance. If a gaming laptop and a PC have the same GPU, the gaming computer won’t work as well as the PC does. This is because a large amount of the power from the gaming laptop will be expelled as heat, this is something called thermal compromise. Thermal compromise causes gaming laptops to work slower and due to a large amount of heat. Not only is the performance compromised due to the small space, but this also affects the laptop’s battery life, batteries can’t be any bigger than the laptop and most games have high-quality graphics that use up a lot of the battery. The screen of a laptop is also usually much smaller and unless you buy add ons for your laptop you’ll have to use a trackpad instead of a mouse which is much harder. 

PCs – Pros

PCs are the traditional way to play games and have been around much longer than gaming laptops. Even after gaming laptops were introduced, PC’s maintained their popularity as they have some great pros. Firstly, graphics cards in PCs are much higher quality than their equivalent part in gaming laptops which massively improved the performance. Whilst gaming laptops struggle with thermal compromise, PCs have effective cooling systems, this allows the cores inside to run at a quicker speed which also helps to improve the performance. On top of performance, the average PC is also better than the average laptop when it comes to memory and storage. PC also has much better opportunities to upgrade, there are hundreds of combinations of parts you can choose from to create a PC that is suited perfectly to you. The final thing that helps people to choose a PC is that as well as being better than gaming laptops in most areas, they are also cheaper. 

PCs – Cons

Whilst PCs have been around for a long time so have been able to keep developing and improving, there are still many cons associated with gaming on a PC. If you’re a competitive gamer and you have a PC, this will prevent you from being able to compete in gaming events and tournaments as you won’t be able to travel with your PC. Whilst purchasing a PC is cheaper than a laptop, there is a con here as once you have purchased the PC you’ll also have to splash out for a monitor, a keyboard, and a mouse. If you want to get high-quality equipment then this can end up more expensive than a gaming laptop.  

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