The Top 3 Most Comfortable Gaming Chairs

Gaming Technology has improved so incredibly fast in the last few years. We are now on the verge of fully immersive VR technology. But until then we are still stuck with the traditional desk set-up. And any serious gamer knows they need a comfortable Gaming Chair to ensure they can game long into the night.  But the market is now saturated with gaming chairs, with each company claiming their chair is the most comfortable. And the importance of a quality chair can’t be understated. We all know that gaming chairs are proven to help your back, so it is worth investing in the best.


Kirogi Ergonomic Gaming Chair

The Kirogi Ergonomic Chair is a great unit for anyone who is especially concerned about their back health. The chair comes equipped with full lumbar support, and it is sturdy at that. This means it will reduce your chance of back strain from long gaming sessions. The material is comfortable, yet firm to avoid ripping or cracking. The wheels are smooth, so no unruly rattling sound as it moves about. And all for a more than reasonable price tag too. This unit is definitely one of my personal favorites.


ATOM GT Series

Sleek, comfortable, and professional, the ATOM GT series is an absolutely fantastic unit.  Made with a fully ergonomic design, this chair offers unparalleled comfort. It also comes with a full high-back recliner as well, letting you lounge about while you game. The material of the chair is sturdy enough to withstand a bit of wear and tear while still holding strong.

This unit also comes in three different colors: White, Black, and Gray. So you can customize to your preference. All of this sits neatly at around $200 which is a great price for what you get.


Secretlab OMEGA 220

Taking a much more sturdy design philosophy, Secretlab has spared no expense to make sure the OMEGA 220 is firm, yet comfortable. It provides great back support while still feeling soft. It uses premium luxury leather as well on the arms and section of the back, meaning it won’t crack or tear easily. The fabric is one complete piece and is strong at that. You could run scissors over it and not even leave a mark. Although we do not recommend you try. It sits nearer the $400 mark, but you are paying for top quality with this unit.