Liam Burke

I’m Liam Burke, an artist and game designer in the Bay Area. I’ve been interested in games since I was a little kid — I’m fascinated by the idea that a game can structure narrative while still letting the players create it (although this was harder to express as a child). I’m currently working on Dog Eat Dog, a fun and compelling game about colonialism and assimilation in the Pacific Islands, but I hope to create many more exciting games based on terrible social problems.

6 thoughts on “Liam Burke

  1. Hi, Liam:

    Would it be possible to get a review copy of Dog Eat Dog?

    I review games at Play This Thing ( Mostly digital indie games, but we review one tabletop game a week on “Tabletop Tuesdays.”


  2. Hi, Liam
    I’m writing on behalf of a volunteer translation group. Our goal is to offer the French speaking community, quality RPG articles and games. We don’t make any money out of it : we do it for the fun of it.
    Since your game Big Chiefs has received a Special Commendation award, we are very interested into translating it into French for our readers.
    But of course, we need to know whether you would grant us the authorization to do so. It would be better if we could communicate through mail so I could get you through the details of how we proceed and how we work. Is there a mail address where I could reach you?
    Thanks a lot,
    Ben (PTGPTB-VF)

  3. Hi Liam. Your interests as a gamer are really interesting and compelling and I’ve played Dog Eat Dog and loved it. I’m editing a book right now (see: and I would love to get another contribution from another gamer – I have one contribution from another person that is a great ludology scholar (we can talk more about that if you like) who is doing social justice with games, and I would love to see your work represented as well. Please email me back and we can talk. Best, Natalie

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